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About Muz-mo and Muz-mo's development

Laura Hawken suffered a stroke while working for the World Health Organisation in Papua New Guinea. Without ability to feel or move the left side of her body, she was flown to Townsville Hospital in Queensland for treatment. The dedicated staff there, interested in the latest developments in physiotherapy and neurology, are determined to help any patient, whatever their problem, to regain as much as possible of their former abilities. Gradually Laura relearned to move, to stand and to use her left arm. Many of the physiotherapy exercises relied on some form of biofeedback to the patient for their success. However, when the time came for Laura to relearn to walk, there was little in the way of biofeedback to help her. Her husband, Joel Arnstein, a designer, therefore invented Muz-mo to give her the necessary biofeedback to aid her exercises. Muz-mo was greeted with such enthusiasm by the Queensland physiotherapists, that he was encouraged to continue its development. Ten copies of the prototype were gifted to the hospital when Laura finally left and these have been used with much success by patients there. Laura was able to return to work with WHO and again travel the world.

The original prototype has evolved into the current production model which is in use with patients,physiotherapists and hospitals in Australia and elsewhere. Please send any feedback on Muz-mo use or suggestions on how Muz-mo could be further developed to Joel Arnstein at info@muz-mo.com

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